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Stores Renovation

Optimize sales with the next generation Ai technology by identifying customers behaviour and the product is likely to buy with an another group of products. Even create predictive rules to identify possible outcomes like category of product has any positive or negative effect on total sales.

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Mathematical Approach Of Marketing

Discover underlying hidden truth about your marketing investments is actually contributing to total sales? or perform quantitative analysis of the investments that will have positive or negative effects on total sales and avoid wastage of financial resources.

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Reinvent Fashion

Reinvent fashion to the next level with the power of Ai that will identify which are the products or the factors that are responsible for the increase or decrease in total sales. Integrated with Ai computer vision with regular cctv cameras or any offline video source and discover the current fashion trend based on demographics. Thus address time consuming overload decision making process with informed business decisions.

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Move out from the traditional way of tedious time consuming process to design new product of demand. With the mathematical approach of ai identify patterns of consumers based on weather, timing, gender, age etc. For example analysing consumers time taken to decide from menu clearly depicts few factors like either the menus is too complex to read else didn’t found any suitable likes. Further extract keywords based on sentiments to design a risk free new product and get a proper confident rather than a guess work.

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The Next Gen. Catering

Take lead to the next generation with the power of Ai and identify hidden patterns of events with key performance factors that are affecting the sales. Is it the decoration? Theme? Or Food. Even identify tons of possibilities and opportunities like which food goes with which food and create a custom menu.
~ Rediscover Catering.

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Inventory Management

Enable the power of Ai in our tradition ABC – Always Better Control, Vital Essential Desirable (VED), Scare Difficult Easily available (SDE), item with High Medium Low (HML) price, Fast Slow No Moving (FSN) inventory management techniques to identify faster management practices that adopts with the change in circumstances. Discover hidden patterns and insights of supplier have any positive or negative case and effects on Re-order Level. Create buffer between critical interfaces within the supply chains and protect from uncertainties in supply and demand. Finally ~ Achieve Economies Of Scale.

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Production Optimization

Monitor production line from the start to the end to identify the statistics of work environment for demand and supply. Predict the quantification impact of cause and effect relationship or identify stages with similar performances to reduce manufacturing failures. Get scientific analysis of visual reasoning combined with continuous steaming analytics that will simplify the manufacturing and products decision making process.

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Social Media

Leverage the power of Ai analytics to identify quantification impact of cause and effect relationship for any social media and reveal buzz topics, sentiments on posts based on various demographics features to create connections that matters the most.

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Software Performance Analysis

Analysing and Debugging software performance is a painful tedious time consuming work that seriously hampers the business performance. Now with the use of advanced Ai algorithms make use of application logs to understand the application runtime behaviour for a faster solution and answer the decision making process in real-time about performance and business metrics. For example: does Process Level 77 have any effect of the system alert 34 or understand what are the causes and predict a particular event.

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