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Unlock Actionable Data Intelligence

Train the computer to interpret and understand the visual world to mimic the interpretation of visual capabilities of a human task with high accuracy and reliability contrary to human factors.

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Next Gen. Face Recognition

  • Consistent Performance Regardless of Users
  • Stable Performance Under Varying Lights
  • Multiple Deployment Methods
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    Apply State Of The Art Object Detection Technology

    Advance your pattern analysis in which the target object may be present in different orientations. This technology has the power to classify just one or several objects within a digital image at once Object detection is breaking into a wide range of industries, with use cases ranging from personal security to productivity in the workplace. The possibilities are endless when it comes to future use cases for object detection.

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    Ai Sketching

  • Incredible human-level intelligence.
  • Expand your creativity with in-detail clustering and segmentation.
  • Consistent performance under varying lighting conditions.
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    Pose Estimation Technology

    Get the process of predicting the transformation of an object from a user-defined reference pose, given an image or a video. It has some pretty cool applications and is heavily used in Action recognition, Animation, Gaming etc. or gear up with Augmented reality applications for the upcoming IOT era.

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    Early Warning System

    Investing in early warning systems (EWS) to detect anomaly and prevent damages is a costly process. With the advancement of Ai era, computer vision is the best next alternative cost effective solution to EWS Early Warning Systems having the same capabilities. Thus facilitate planning and preparation against unpredictable events and bring great socioeconomic benefits.

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    Emotion Detction

    Human being often exploits emotions generally for conveying messages. With the era of Ai embedded systems we can now understand the comprehensive language and the emotional patterns that are been used for centuries by capturing their different aspects of emotions and facial expressions.

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    Trajectory HeatMap

    Gather new intelligence regarding position, density, acceleration and velocity that will also help to analyse and understand the magnitude of direction. With advance actionable intelligence understand the flow of traffic in detail for your business as well as professional needs.

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    Healthcare Ai

    Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare represents a great new frontier. Ai can read and interpret images in less than a minute with higher accuracy. With the increase accuracy Ai will help hospitals and medical practitioners to provide better service with reduce healthcare cost. Integrated with cloud will ease the accessibility of medical services for a crucial life-saving response.

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    Learn More

    Come and explore the whole new world of how Artificial Intelligence based computer vision can open new horizons of tailored opportunities. Join us on our journey of new interesting updates or give us a call to our award-winning support team is just an email or phone call away.

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