Food & Culinary Industry

Date Sept 2018
Location Roma, Italia
Technology Artificial Intelligence
Category Analytics

An easy and complete actionable intelligence for your business growth needs.

Our Solutions

  • Analyse market chain patterns in order to determine the purchasing habits of the industry from the farmers to the consumers.
  • Identify the patterns and habits of the consumers by using exhaustively their taste and preferences in order to help them improve and create new products for their business growth.
  • With the variety of ingredients that a culinary business can manage Ai analytics will able to help you identify the right product for a healthier and organic production. Or analyse the benefits of comparative food assessment for a healthier menu.
  • Identify the correct supply and demand and avoid the wastage of resources even determine the most cost-effective disposal strategy for food service operations. Or Improve efficiency with the right information at the right time and meet the customers’ high expectations by constantly keeping up with the changing trends.
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