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Face Recognition

Fully customizable to train infinite number of faces to detect and identify with deployment methods of your own choice. Powered by Nvidia Cuda Cores.

Vechile Number Plate Recognition

Automatic vehicle number-plate recognition to keep track and record of all on-going vehicles.

Object Recognition

Identify objects or advance your pattern analysis in which the target object may be present in different orientations in different sources of channel.

Emotion Detection

Explore the human emotions that are been used for centuries to convey messages. It has wide range of applications from interviews to psychological studies.

Big Data Technologies

Deploy Big Data technologies to easy tackle the tsunami of data using our commodity hardware.
Includes apache hadoop, hive, pig, sqoop, flume, oozie, impala, cloudera hadoop and more.

Early Warning System

Explore the best next alternative cost effective solution to EWS Early Warning Systems having the same capabilities and facilitate planning and preparation against unpredictable events and bring great socioeconomic benefits.


Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare represents a great new frontier. Explore how Ai can read and interpret images in less than a minute with higher accuracy and can save countless life with accessibility and reduce healthcare cost.

Motion Trajectory HEATMAP

Gather new intelligence regarding position, density, acceleration and velocity that will also help to analyse and understand the magnitude of direction.

Fashion Detection

Get greater intelligence for fashion brands by identifying patterns that can provide insight into fashion trends, purchase patterns, and inventory-related guidance.

Vechile Speed Identification

Make use of Ai based Computer vision systems which makes it an interesting alternative to existing and expensive photoradar systems.

Ai Sketching

Expand your creativity with in-detail sketching from multiple sources either its live or from a passive video.

Human Activity Detection

Automation of superintendence. Few popular applications, train and monitor new employee to correctly perform a task. Verfy food service worker has washed their hands after visiting the restroom or handling food that could cause cross-contamination.

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